How To Add Zen To Your Flight


After struggling to make your flight on time and dealing with less than friendly passengers, oh right – and that baby that just won’t go to sleep, you’re going to need some serious zen on your flight. We all have our favorite tracks to rock out with but try some meditation music.

Eye Mask

Once you’ve got your music going try putting on an eye mask to zone out and maybe take a nap. You’ll forget all about other passengers when it’s just you, your tunes and eye mask. Our pals at Amazon have some great selections to pick from.

Sleep Eye Mask for Men Women, 3D Contoured Cup Sleeping Mask & Blindfold with Ear Plug Travel Pouch, Concave Molded Night Sleep Mask, Block Out Light, Soft Comfort Eye Shade Cover for Yoga Meditation

Stress Ball

There’s an endless amount of stress that’s involved with flying, so why not try carrying a stress ball with you. Having something in your hands, especially during take-off, can make the trip easier. This works great for children who are first-time flyers! Check out Amazon’s selection!

Travel Pillow

Some flights can be super cold and you never know when your neighbor is going to turn their fan on the entire ride. Best to bring a travel pillow/blanket if possible. While everyone is jittering their teeth you’ll be snug as a bug under your rug.. er, blanket.

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