How To Cope With A Cranky Passenger On Your Flight

The “Snack” Attack

When the flight attendants come around and hand out those snack packs, save them like currency. You never know when the person sitting next to you is in a bad mood and offering your snack pack in a friendly offer may make all the difference in the comfort of your flight.

Food is a natural stress reducer and a perfect solution for those suffering from anxiety, the person next to you may have a fear of flying or something else going on in their life – if you notice their discomfort and don’t care about your snack, see if they’re interested.

Zone Out

Never leave home without your headphones. The person next to you may not be consolable and the best thing you can do is to escape into a movie, far far away from your unfriendly neighbor.

If digital entertainment isn’t your thing you can always get lost in a new book or drawing with pen and paper. If you like coloring bring your crayons and favorite color book.


You don’t have to tell them your entire life story, but a smile and if it feels right a friendly “hello” might go a long way to easing any tension that the person seems to carry. Sometimes noticing an individual can make them feel less hostile and appreciated.

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