How To Beat Airport Security


Easy to slip on and off shoes will save you time and stress when it’s your turn. Consider a pair of slippers and socks – your feet will be protected from the airport floor and the plane ride will be more comfortable.


Pack any of your carry on electronics together and place them at the top of your bag, this will make it easier to get your “bin” ready to go through the scanner so you aren’t scrambling to find everything when it’s your turn. Try using a ziploc bag to store all your items.


Don’t wear it if you don’t have to. A) you won’t want to lose it and B) you’ll avoid having the machine go off on you!


Along with your electronics bag make sure to pack your liquids bag at the top of your carry on, give yourself easy access so you aren’t unpacking your bag in front of everyone in line behind you.


It doesn’t hurt to have your boarding pass and ID ready to go just in case the airport needs to see your identification.

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